Mirror's Edge Catalyst Walkthrough, Collectibles, and Tips

Learn all about Faith Connors and her struggle against KrugerSec.


Mirror's Edge Catalyst is a thrilling return to the world of one of Dice's fastest moving characters. Travel into the city of Glass and take on the job of a Runner, tasked with staying under the radar of the city's tight-fisted ruling corporation, KruegerSec. Fresh out of juvie, step into the shoes of Faith Connors, one of the greatest runners that the mirror's edge has ever seen, and help her and her friends bring down the overbearing government that keeps the employs in check.

Catalyst is full of all kinds of nifty collectibles and fun things to do. This walkthrough hub will serve as our primary page for all Mirror's Edge Catalyst guide content. It will be updated constantly, so check back for new information, tips, or tricks.

Check out the city of Glass in this UltraHD video.

Tips and Tricks

Learn the ins and outs of being a runner, the gear you'll need to get the job done, and more with these quick and easy to follow guides.

How to get the Magrope

How to Customize Your Runner Emblem

How to Customize Your Runner Echo

How to Roll

How to Fast Travel

How to Create a Time Trial

How to Create a BEAT L.E.

The Six Best Skills to Unlock First

Video Walkthroughs

Take a tour through all the missions of Mirror's Edge Catalyst with our complete visual walkthroughs.

Main Missions

  • Mission 1: Release
  • Mission 2: Old Friends
  • Mission 3: Be Like Water
  • Mission 4: Back in the Game
  • Mission 5: Savant Extraordinaire
  • Mission 6: Benefactor
  • Mission 7: Fly Trap
  • Mission 8: Sanctuary
  • Mission 9: Encroachment
  • Mission 10: Vive La Resistance
  • Mission 11: Prisoner X
  • Mission 12: Thy Kindgom Come
  • Mission 13: Family Matters
  • Mission 14: Tickets, Please
  • Mission 15: The Shard

Side Missions

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