Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice has Phoenix Wright versus Apollo Justice

The mentor will meet the student in court.


The upcoming Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice for 3DS will already be trying something new when it comes out in Japan on June 9, with seances as evidence. But apparently, the game will have another first: Phoenix Wright will go head-to-head with Apollo Justice in the courtroom.

Siliconera spotted the image below that has the two lead attorneys for the Wright Anything Agency at opposing tables in a Khura’in court:

Also, former prisoner and prosecutor Simon Blackquill will end up on the witness stand. So many plot twists.

We'll find out more when the game is released next week. It will be making it's way to the rest of the world as Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice via the Nintendo eShop sometime in September. Nintendo already has DLC planned for the game.

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