Overwatch's Competitive mode delayed to July [Update]

'C'mon c'mon! I hate waiting!'


[Update: The official Overwatch Twitter account retracted its original tweet saying the game's Competitive Play will launch in mid-to-late July. In an update sent out earier today, the account reaffirms Competitive Play's June release]

Those who were looking forward to the release of Overwatch’s ranked Competitive mode have to wait beyond its promised June release, Blizzard Entertainment confirmed late last week.

The official Overwatch Twitter account responded to a fan question asking if there was going to be a competitive season for Overwatch. The Twitter account responded by saying Blizzard will be introducing Competitive Play some time in July, with the developer aiming for the middle-to-latter part of the month.

Considering a number of Blizzard properties already offer Competitive play, it’s only a matter of time until Overwatch joins in. While the delay isn’t great news for those who hope to climb the ranks in Overwatch, we’re sure Blizzard is doing everything in its power to make sure it launches correctly. For now, just enjoy the extra practice you’ll be able to get in now that Competitive mode has been delayed.

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