Overwatch: Understand the On-Fire Meter, How it Works, What it Means

Learn the basics of Overwatch’s On-Fire Meter, and what it means.


The On-Fire Meter is a bar that appears beneath your player’s HP meter on the game’s HUD. It is a status indicator of how well you are doing with a particular character. This guide will teach your more about the On-Fire Meter, so that you can understand what it means when you are playing the game.

The On-Fire meter in Overwatch might seem like a game-changing mechanic, however, the truth is… it simply isn’t. It doesn’t serve any real purpose in the game, other than to be an indicator of how well you are doing as a hero. As you complete tasks, such as killing enemies or deployables, you gain certain amounts of “fire”. Once you reach the small triangle on the meter, your character portrait will begin to glow with a colored flame. This indicates that you are doing particularly well, and that you are one of the bigger threats for enemy players to focus in on.

How do I tell who is on fire?

The easiest way to tell who is on fire is to open up the scoreboard. People who have been doing very well will have character portraits surrounded by flames. What does this mean? This means you may want to focus in on these enemies by sending in assassins like Genji, or just look for characters that you can use to knock them down a few notches. We haven’t really noticed a huge difference in catering your playstyle this way, however, we feel it might play a part in competitive matches to ensure that your team always has a chance against whatever the enemy might be packing.

How do I get ‘On fire’?

To charge your On-fire Meter you simply have to do one thing. Play the game. Killing enemies, deployables, and working towards the gamemode’s objectives are all ways to earn more charge for your On-fire Meter. When you eliminate an enemy, a little flame will appear beside that character’s name on your screen. You should also notice a number next to it. This tells you how much charge you gained for your On-fire Meter from that kill. More powerful enemies will net more charge, so it’s always a good idea to look for the enemies who are on fire, that way you can charge up your own meter pretty quickly.

What does it all mean?

To be completely honest, the On-fire meter is simply an indicator of how badass you’ve been playing. It’s a way for your team to know that you’ve been working hard to help them out, as well as a way for enemy players to know who to target first. That means it’s probably a good idea to keep an eye on your On-fire Meter, that way you can easily tell when to expect enemies to push back against your assault. This could come in handy for characters like Bastion, or Widowmaker, who are extremely vulnerable when using their secondary abilities.

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