Ghost Recon Wildlands tackles the open world in Bolivia

A visit to the country helped in creating the enviornments for the game.


We haven't heard too much about Ghost Recon Wildlands since it was announced at E3 last year, but with another E3 approaching, Ubisoft has decided it is time for more details ... and a new trailer.

The Wildlands from the title is the country of Bolivia and the Ghosts are dropped into an open world where they need to save the country from the Santa Blanca drug cartel. Ubisoft's Giancarlo Varanini took to the PlayStation Blog to offer some details on how the development team is creating the environment and the countryside, which included a trip to Bolivia

 "Our goal was to ensure the world we built captured the essence of Bolivia and we returned to the studio with a better understanding of Bolivia’s environmental extremes and how people endure them," he said. "At 2.5 miles high on the Altiplano, the sun can burn the front of your body while the cold freezes your back. Meanwhile, down in the jungle, you have to contest with the crushing humidity and a constant barrage of mosquitos. Bolivian winters can be just as intense. Freezing temperatures and fog are your primary concerns."

The team took a bunch of pictures, then translated them into environments that you can see in the new trailer.

"These diverse environments in our living, reactive open-world environment mean each individual choice you make has far reaching consequences," Varanini said.

No release date has been set for the game, although it is supposedly coming later this year. I guess we will find out more during the Ubi press conference at E3.

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