Meet the New Creatures and Enemies in Fallout 4's Far Harbor DLC

Hermit crabs, trappers, and sea monsters...Far Harbor is not playing around with is new enemies. 


How many horrors of the deep can be mutated into even greater horrors on the radiation-stricken land? That's the question Bethesda definitively answered in Far Harbor, the newest DLC expansion for the post-apocalyptic RPG Fallout 4.  And while there are some old enemies with new coats of paint, the expansion also gives us a glimpse at how various aquatic creatures would have fared through the apocalypse. 

Here's a rundown of the new creatures and enemies featured in Far Harbor.

  • Trappers: This expansion’s version of Raiders, Trappers are violent settlers in the Far Harbor area who will relentlessly attack on sight. They are often sporting some of the new clothes and gear available in Far Harbor, so going over their corpses for new supplies is recommended.
  • Feral Ghouls: Yep, there are some feral ghouls wandering around in the misty wastes, and they’re just as dangerous and unpredictable as they are in Fallout 4. This time, however, they’re sporting some swanky fishnets and other nautical accoutrements to fit in with the rest of Far Harbor’s theme.
  • Anglers: The mutated form of the pre-war fish, Anglers have small bioluminescent lights on their heads that highlight wherethey are in an environment. They’re agile and dangerous, with an impressive number of sharp teeth to watch out for.
  • Gulpers: Massive, mutated salamander-like creatures, Gulpers are large and capable of delivering nasty surprises. They are able to hide in trees to get the drop on enemies, move easily through swampy areas, and hide underwater.
  • Fog Crawlers: Mutated Praying Mantis-like creatures with thick, armored exoskeletons, these creatures are very dangerous and nimble.
  • Giant Hermit Crabs: As the name implies, these creatures are a lot like the tiny pet versions of hermit crabs we see now, except instead of tiny they’re massive, instead of sea shells they use vehicles and truck trailers for their homes, and instead of sorta cute, they’re terrifying. Thankfully, they’re pretty rare and move slowly.
  • Wolves: They’re just wolves, larger than the mongrels in the wasteland, but with the same vicious bite. 

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