Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice already has DLC coming

It's only for Japan so far, but we can probably expect it to come to North America soon after Phoenix Wright launches.


We just learned that Phoenix Wright: Spirit of Justice will be coming to North America in September, but publisher Capcom has revealed that its Japanese counterpart Ace Attorney 6 will be getting DLC for the game soon after launch, which could mean the same extra content for us if the publisher holds to its usual form.

Entitled “Turnabout That Goes Beyond Time,” the DLC (via Siliconera) focuses on Phoenix Wright's friend Larry Butz, prosecutor Miles Edgeworth, and assistant Maya Fey. DLC will be available after the main game is cleared. The DLC will be free and hit about three weeks after the June 9 release in Japan. If you understand Japanese, Capcom had a livestream about it a few hours ago.

Of course, a U.S. release is officially unconfirmed, but Capcom usually brings its content to North America within a few months after release in Japan. Ace Attorney 6 is coming as Phoenix Wright: Spirit of Justice in September, so this DLC could come three weeks to a month after the game is released on the eShop. We should know for sure in a few weeks.  

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