How to get the BFG in Doom

You want a Big F***ing Gun? You've got a Big F***ing Gun!


There’s no weapon in the Doom series that’s as beloved and sought after as the Big F***ing Gun, better known as the BFG. The BFG has been a staple of the Doom series ever since the original was released back in 1993, and there’s always been some form of the weapon available in each subsequent game.

The release of a new Doom means we have an all-new BFG 9000 to drool over, but where is it and how can you get your hands on it? Well - first off, you need to make your way through a good portion of the game before you can wield the BFG 9000 as you’ll need to make your way to Lazarus Labs in Mission 9.

Once you find yourself in Lazarus Labs, you’ll eventually discover a locked container. The BFG 9000 will be sitting within the container and looking extremely lonely. As you enter the room where the BFG is located, you’ll be identified as an unauthorized personnel, which will cause a countdown to begin. Once the countdown starts, you’ll need to jump on top of the BFG container in order to survive falling towards a laser trap.

Once you find yourself on top of the container, a laser trap will begin to take form above you and make its way to where you’re standing. Around the edge of the laser trap, you’ll see small red cells that help power it. Shoot at these cells in order to deactivate the laser trap. You probably won’t get it done with just one pass, so you’ll need to maneuver your way a bit so you don’t get sliced up by these lasers.

The laser trap will rise and fall until you’re able to deactivate it by destroying those small red cells. Once you’ve successfully destroyed them, the laser trap will fall and the BFG 9000 will be yours.

Congratulations. You’ve just become the most powerful Space Marine now that you have the BFG-9000 in your possession. Now go out and take in some target practice against Doom’s horde of demons.

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