Doom 2016: All Easter Eggs and How to Trigger them

We know you want the information. Oh, and spoilers!


Doom just came out today and we have been dutifully playing through it. And since everyone loves Easter eggs, we might as well tell you what we have found so far, in no particular order. We are going to divide these up into tributes to Bethesda Games and non-Bethesda references. So, fair warning, there be spoilers ahead.

Non-Bethesda references

Terminator 2: Jumping into a pool of molten fire will kill your character. You burst into flames and start to sink, giving a thumbs up as you eventually submerge. 

Candy Crush Saga: There is a lab with a interactive video monitor that allows you to play a game called Demonic Destruction. It plays just like a match-3 game and will waste a ton of your time if you let it.

Bethesda Games

Skyrim: As you travel through the demon-filled halls of the UAC you might come across a skeleton wearing a very familiar looking horned helm from one of Bethesda's signature series.

Commander Keen: Another skeleton appears to be the commander wearing his iconic football helmet. The folks at id have upgraded it a bit, emblazoning Doom on the side.

Original Doom: Taking a lift down to level 4-A, you will find a room with the old Green armor and a med kit. It's a nice throwback to the original Doom, and is a direct testament to how far the series has come.

Doom 2: Pulling a lever will open up a secret room, which reveals a Doom 2 room with old Doom 2 corpses, and a few imps from the current generation of Doom.

If you get gibbed in one of these secret Doom rooms and position the camera in just the right way, you can see the original Doom marine in all his pixelated glory inside your helmet.

Doom 3: In a corner of a room, which only can be reached by jumping over some boxes, you will find an old arcade game of Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3. Time to punch some turkeys.

Fallout 4: Perhaps one of the biggest series that Bethesda has become known for, Fallout is all over the place in the newest Doom. If you pay careful attention you can often see their logo stickered on several of the doors throughout the UAC. It's a nice nod to the wasteland.

Looking to pave your way through demons without taking any damage? Or maybe you want to revel in the delightfully gory deaths of your enemies at the hands of your famed Glory Kill animations. Whatever you're looking for, our Console Command list can help.

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