Hideo Kojima's New Game Will Be In Line With Games Like The Division and Uncharted

Kojima Productions is hard at work on a new title that should please fans of AAA games.


Hideo Kojima may have shipped one of the largest games of his career, but he's definitely not done bringing us new titles. He proved that after founding Kojima Productions, and now he's taken some time to speak with Famitsu about what the studio has been working on this whole time.

When speaking with Famitsu, he revealed that his upcoming project will be along the same vein as games like The Division or Uncharted, and while he "won't say it's an open-world title," he defines it as an action title that those who enjoy today's AAA games will enjoy.

“It’s an amazing game," Kojima gushed. "Along with the plot, characters, and game system, I’m brainstorming everything equally. Some parts are very new, so I’ll need to experiment with it.” He's also interested in creating something for VR in the future, but that Kojima Productions "doesn't have anyone."

There's also apparently a secret in the Kojima Productions logo, but we've wondered about that before.

“I can’t say yet, but the secret is found in the logo. The whole body [of the logo] actually looks super cool, and we’re planning on making it into a figure.”

You can check out the interview in its entirety here, but it's great to hear from Kojima post-Konami as he strikes out on his own. Hopefully whatever comes our way in the future from the studio will be indicative of everything Kojima's capable of. Maybe one day we'll see Silent Hills come to fruition. Hey, one can dream, right?

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