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EA confirms Battlefront 2

The sequel, along with the title in development at Visceral, are two of several Star Wars games to be released over the next three to four years.


Making good on a tease for sequels, and coming as a surprise to absolutely no one, Electronic Arts confirmed that Star Wars Battlefront 2 is in active development during today's earnings call.

While 2015's Battlefront reboot anchored players in events and characters from the original Star Wars trilogy, Battlefront 2 will expand that far, far away galaxy to rope in "bigger and better worlds [...] from the new movies," according to CFO Blake Jorgensen (per GameSpot).

Confirmation of a sequel comes just after word that last year's Battlefront has shipped 14 million copies and surpassed EA's already-lofty expectations for performance.

Jorgensen went on to announce that EA will be publishing at least one new Star Wars game every year for the next three to four years. Battlefront 2 will ship "next year," though he did not specify whether he means the 2017 calendar year or fiscal year, which began last month on April 1.

The game in development at Visceral and Motive, helmed by ex-Uncharted writer Amy Hennig, will ship sometime during the next year, according to Jorgensen.

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From The Chatty
  • reply
    May 10, 2016 3:29 PM

    David Craddock posted a new article, EA confirms Battlefront 2

    • reply
      May 10, 2016 4:19 PM

      Fooled me once.. My most regretted and disappointing game of 2015/2016.

    • reply
      May 10, 2016 4:22 PM

      Can't they just release DLC for the first one the next four years?

      • reply
        May 10, 2016 4:56 PM

        They've already sold most of the DLC they're going to. Not enough new money there. Good thing they already have it all done so they can move on to something people haven't paid for yet.

    • Ziz legacy 10 years legacy 20 years
      May 10, 2016 6:10 PM

      Can't we just call it Star Wars 1?

    • reply
      May 10, 2016 10:56 PM

      Ugh so glad I stayed away from Battlefront, I'm more excited for what respawn will be doing with Star Wars.

    • reply
      May 10, 2016 11:08 PM

      Bring it!

      Hopefully the flesh out the classes and progression a bit more. Thats the only thing that kept me from getting Battlefront 1.

    • reply
      May 10, 2016 11:13 PM

      This reusing of old game names is going to get confusing

      • reply
        May 11, 2016 12:29 AM

        Battlefront 4: Battlefront 2, 2.

        • reply
          May 11, 2016 12:30 AM

          Since 2 + 2 = 4 there's really nothing confusing about it

      • reply
        May 11, 2016 5:24 AM

        They are trying so hard not to add the year at the end like Madden

    • reply
      May 10, 2016 11:26 PM

      Here's hoping they learned some lessons with their lazy effort on the first one. Fantastic looking engine containing a pretty mediocre game I think they intended to sell on the Star Wars name alone.

      I'd really like a campaign in a sequel.

    • reply
      May 11, 2016 2:03 AM

      lol at this

    • reply
      May 11, 2016 2:50 AM

      Too Soon...

    • reply
      May 11, 2016 4:21 AM

      They already know goons are going to buy it.

    • reply
      May 11, 2016 5:34 AM

      Shift in studios will be interesting. Can’t say anything Visceral has done since the End Game DLC has enticed me much. I still haven't played Dead Space, but the second two in that trilogy don't get great reviews.

      Did people think Hardline was technically competent? I didn't care for the theme and never bought it.

    • reply
      May 11, 2016 5:35 AM

      Needs a real campaign, and coop.

    • reply
      May 11, 2016 6:46 AM

      Hopefully they correct the mistakes they made on the first one. They need a better gameplay loop and less reliance on nostalgia to sell the game. Also don't shove half the game into DLC land. No one should have to buy the DLC to get a complete game.

    • reply
      May 11, 2016 6:48 AM

      I read this as Battlefield 2 and thought they were already confirming that the sequel to just-announced Battlefield 1 would be named Battlefield 2 and I was briefly very happy and excited that something so stupid had actually taken place.

    • reply
      May 11, 2016 7:28 AM

      I'll be interested to see how many idiots fall for this trick again. Unless there are some significant upgrades to the game play,I don't know how this will be successful.

      Basically,if you can't kill in Battlefront,then there's pretty much nothing else to do. No medic roles,no mechanic roles,no support roles=no fun. If 2 is more of the same,then they can keep it.

      • reply
        May 11, 2016 7:34 AM

        There are support roles, but they are tied to tokens or cards. No there is not any ammo or health bags to drop, but it isn’t like the support in Battlefront 1 & 2 were especially notable. Dropping a shield for your team is crucial. If you go as the Emperor or Leia you choose a support hero.

        Without defibs, medic in BF is pretty boring. Engineer has always been a meh class anyway, but did you want to be repairing the legs of AT-ST's? What else would you repair? Turrets I guess.

        Just because it isn’t BF with a Star Wars skin doesn't make it terrible. I know people who really enjoy playing this game and it doesn't make them idiots to like something different.

    • reply
      May 11, 2016 7:37 AM


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