This War of Mine jumps to tabletop with board game Kickstarter

Get the stretch goals ready, as it was already funded in less than two hours.


This War is Mine provided an interesting perspective on war when it was released in late 2014 for PC, and then for console early this year. As a family displaced by war, you had to survive by scavenging for food, clothes and other supplies. And now developer Awaken Realms is bringing 11-Bit Studios' premise to a board game via Kickstarter

At present, the game just reached its goal of almost  £40,000 (about $58,000) after launching earlier today. It only has four donation levels at present, ranging from £50 to £300. The game will include "430 high-quality components, including 12 figures; a companion mobile app; over one thousand unique stories; an open & play system that makes it easy to start playing without previous learning the rules; a save-game mechanism; and, above all, the innovative Reality Impact system, introducing an enormous amount of meaningful plot, choices and consequences."

At the moment, there are only two stretch goals: An alternate version of the board that will be printed on the reverse side (at £50,000) and a Katia miniature (at £60,000). Katia was one of the playable characters from the computer game. Given that money collected from here on out goes to stretch goals and there are still 20 days left in the Kickstarter, it seems logical that more goals will be added.

As part of the Kickstarter, a livestream will be held on 11-Bit Studios YouTube channel today at 3 p.m. PT / 6 p.m. ET where an ArtistsOnBoard group will create an acrylic painting that will be used as the game's cover art. The artists will include individuals who have worked on major tabletop and collectible-card-game franchises such as Star Wars, A Game of Thrones, Magic: The Gathering and others. 

An official site for the game has also launched. The dev team is promising a ship date of February 2017.

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