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Metal Gear Solid 5 update balances team sizes, makes cardboard boxes quieter

Any update that improves the efficacy of cardboard boxes is the best update.


Snake? SNAAAAAKE! Wake up. It's time for an update to your multiplayer capabilities.

Tomorrow, May 10, Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain will receive an update focused on balances fixes for the game's multiplayer mode. You can read the lengthy change list on Konami's site, but we'll get into some of the highlights.

One of the bigger fixes concerns matchmaking. Automatch has been adjusted to prioritize team size before the number of players who join together as a group. In other words, just because two or three players band together to join a game at the same time doesn't mean they'll all end up on the same team.

Other changes take place during play. Players had a tendency to spam sprinting and diving, letting them traverse geography too quickly. A slight cooldown will go into effect to prevent them from alternating back and forth too quickly. Furthermore, the duration players are able to spring will get docked temporarily immediately after diving.

Lastly and most importantly, players will be able to exit a cardboard box while lying prone without making any noise. Boxes equal total stealth. Everyone knows that.

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