Street Fighter 5 sales reach 1.4M on PC and PS4

Capcom was able to sell an impressive number of copies, even though it only released Street Fighter 5 on two major platforms.


Street Fighter 5 has sold 1.4 million units across both PlayStation 4 and PC, Capcom has revealed.

The 1.4 million units combines both retail and digital downloads across both platforms, although Capcom doesn’t disclose which medium reigned supreme.

Its previous iteration, Street Fighter IV, sold a total of 3.4 million units in its lifetime. This makes the 1.4 million units sold for Street Fighter 5 that much more impressive considering it’s only been out for roughly three months, and of course, the fact that it launched as an incomplete game which Capcom continues to add content to on a regular basis.

Another piece of the puzzle that shows how impressive its sales have been is the fact Capcom was able to sell 1.4 million units just focusing on the PS4 and PC platforms. We’re sure this number could have increased substantially if an Xbox One version was also released.

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