How to Save Highlights in Overwatch

You just got the Play of the Game, but you have no idea how to save your highlights. Don't worry - we're here to help!


We’ve all been there before. You get the Play of the Game and it’s one you want to share with the world, but when you attempt to export your highlights, you see there’s no option to do so.

Blizzard has made it possible to view personal gameplay highlights within Overwatch, which can be accessed through the main menu. Players will need to complete at least one match in order for personal gameplay highlights to show up, with the game storing up to five of the most recent highlights from the active gaming session.

Unfortunately, there’s currently no way to export highlights from within the Overwatch. In fact, the game will reset all highlights that have been compiled once the player logs out, but we have some ways you can capture that footage so you can show the world your sick Overwatch skills.

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We’re going to be highlighting some ways PC and console players can retrieve their highlights before they’re thrown into the virtual recycle bin. Feel free to jump to the version of Overwatch you play to learn how to save your highlights.

Overwatch PC Players

The PC has a wide variety of third-party software that can be used in order to not only capture your Overwatch highlights, but anything that’s currently being displayed on your screen. Some services we recommend checking out are PlayClaw, Fraps, or DXtory.

NVIDIA and AMD both have their own respective software to help record content on a PC, which can be accessed in their respective software.

For NVIDIA GPU owners: Open the NVIDIA GeForce Experience client > Go to “Preferences” > Click on “ShadowPlay”. Once there, you can change what keyboard shortcuts need to be pressed in order for the software to record your gameplay. By default, ALT+F10 saves the last 5 minutes of whatever it is you were doing. ALT+F9 will toggle the manual recording on/off, which would be best used if you just want to capture your complete gameplay experience, although it can also be used to specifically capture your Overwatch highlights if you’re viewing them.

For AMD GPU owners: Open the AMD Gaming Evolved client and click the Gear Setting in the bottom right area of the Replay. Doing this will allow you to configure the quality of the video being recorded in both Replay and GVR. Once you’re happy with your settings, all you’ll need to do is press CTRL+; to activate the GVR feature, or CTRL+/ to activate Replay. If you want to specify just how long Replay records for, go to the General tab and then you’ll be able to dictate just how long the feature will record gameplay footage for.

Overwatch Console Players

Both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have their own respective ways to record gameplay footage directly from the consoles themselves. Just like with PC, you’ll be able to record quick game clips as well as longer game sessions on either console. Here’s a quick look on how to do it for both platforms.

PlayStation 4:

Double-tap the Share button on the DualShock 4 to start your recording. Once you’re done recording your footage, tap it once to then be taken to the Share menu. In the Share menu, you can upload the video clip you just recorded, or save it if you’d like to edit it a bit prior to uploading.

Xbox One:

Go to the Game DVR app on your console and select “Start a New Clip”. You’ll be able to record up to five minutes using that option, but if you’d like to record some gameplay that just happened, you’ll need to select “End Clip Now”, which will then allow you to record the last 30 seconds, 45 seconds, 1 minute, 3 minutes, or 5 minutes worth of gameplay.

Show Us Your Moves!

We’re sure you’re going to be recording a lot of great footage in Overwatch, so be sure to share them with the world so we can see just how badass you are.

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