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Capcom celebrates Resident Evil's 20th anniversary in a series of video interviews

Developers from the ghosts of RE games past and present look back on the franchise's bloody history.


Resident Evil has been on the outs lately. The sixth game was a mess of conflicting tones, a glut of minigames, and bombastic action that contrasted starkly to a franchise once rooted in tension and ambience, and multiplayer-focused efforts like Raccoon City festered at retail faster than the T-Virus takes to settle into hosts.

Still, there's a bright spot on the horizon. Capcom announced an official remake for fan-favorite Resident Evil 2—though mum's the word on a release date—and the company has released a series of video interviews with developers looking back on RE history in celebration of the first game's 20th anniversary this past March.

The latest video features Masachika Kawata, a developer who worked on Resident Evil 4, 5, Revelations, and Umbrella Chronicles. Kawata is surprisingly blunt when it comes to the wrong twists and turns the games have taken over the years. "The original Resident Evil games captured a feeling of fear and horror. I think those were the aspects those games put the most importance on. Starting from Resident Evil 4, however, the games started to put more emphasis on entertainment and the gameplay experience itself."

Despite a few missteps, Kawata is proud of Capcom's willingness to experiment, preventing the series from growing stale over 20 years. "In Resident Evil Revelations 2, we used the cliffhanger storytelling style to tell an episodic story."

Video interviews with Koji Oda, director of 2002's Resident Evil Zero, and Hiroyuki Kobayashi, has helped produced RE games since the very first game on PlayStation One.

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