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Dangerous Golf gets teed off when it releases in June

This will probably be the third most dangerous game of golf we've ever played.


Dangerous Golf is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on June 3, Three Fields Entertainment has announced.

The studio, which is comprised mainly of former Burnout series developers, announced the release of Dangerous Golf in the title’s first gameplay trailer earlier this week. The trailer shows off just some of the mayhem and carnage we can expect from Dangerous Golf, showing a golf ball bouncing around the inside of a kitchen prior to being putted into the golf hole.

Dangerous Golf will allow players to wreak havoc across over 100 holes and across four locations, which vary from indoor and outdoor locations. As you can see from the trailer, a hotel kitchen is one of these locations, while the others include a palace ballroom, a rural gas station, and a medieval castle.

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