Go Behind The Scenes With The Latest Warcraft Film Snippet

Check into the Lion's Pride Inn with Rob Kazinsky. 


May is almost here, and so is the upcoming Warcraft film. There's a brand new snippet out now if you're salivating over the movie's eventual release. It goes behind the scenes of The Lion's Pride Inn, showing off some of the easter eggs and other fascinating iniquities you'll see as a WoW fan in the movie.

The video below features Rob Kazinsky, who plays Orgrim Doomhammer in the film. You won't recognize him given all the special effects for the film (surprisingly powerful and impressive ones, at that) but you'll at least look back on this quick little snippet and remember what he looked like without Industrial Light and Magic's merged photos and scans.

If you're a big Warcraft fan, there's likely something you can find to appreciate about the movie, which doesn't look absolutely terrible, but hey -- the jury's still out on it. We'll see what happens before we pass judgment!

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