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How to Get Into the Overwatch Beta

Learn how to secure your spot to shoot ‘em up in Blizzard’s newest title, Overwatch.


The time until Overwatch’s release is starting to vamp up, and that means it’s time for more betas. Currently Blizzard has two betas schedule, a closed early access beta, which begins May 2 at 4PM PDT, and an open beta which opens up on May 4 at 4PM PDT. Learn everything you need to know to secure your spot in the upcoming beta, which lasts until May 9.

How to Access the Early Access Beta

To get into the early access beta you’ll need to preorder the digital copy of Overwatch: Origins Edition on PC, PS4, or Xbox One. This will grand you early access to the game ahead of the open beta, as well as give you two keys for the download if you pick it up on PC. PS4 and Xbox One owners also receive a second key, however it will arrive after the early access beta has opened to everyone on May 4.

How to Install the Overwatch Beta

To install the Overwatch beta you’re going to need to download Blizzard’s desktop application, if you don’t already have it installed. Create an account, or login to your account, and then click the Overwatch icon to get an install option after selecting your region.

If you’re on PS4, head over to the PlayStation Store and search for Overwatch. Choose the Overwatch Open Beta option and then click download.

Xbox One owners will need to head to the Xbox Store, select Games, Search All Games, and then type in Overwatch.  Choose the download option, and then launch it once the process is complete.

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