The Division patch notes reveals further tweaks to combat Falcon Lost glitches

Bad news for those who continue to attempt to glitch their way to the top in Falcon Lost.


Ubisoft changed the day it will be bringing The Division’s servers down this week, which will now take place every Thursday morning. Today’s server maintenance brought some tweaks to the Falcon Lost incursion in hopes to combat exploiting various glitches players have found to get the most out of the experience without much effort.

The changes Ubisoft has made to Falcon Lost involves no longer allowing players to be able to shoot inside the incursion while standing outside of it. This means those who have sniped their way to higher Gear Sets will now need to get inside of the incursion zone and get their hands dirty, the way Massive Entertainment intended.

Additional changes made to the The Division include correctly reducing damage received from Elite enemies when the Protection from Elites attribute comes into play, fixing a bug with Rehabilitated where the talent could remain active when combined with the tear gas grenade, and fixing an exploit where players could go through walls by using a ladder while the Jumping Jack emote was active.

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