Pac-Man 256 Rated For PS4, Xbox One, and PC in Taiwan

Looks like everyone's going to get their hands on what could be an awesome port. 


Pac-Man 256 just happens to be one of my favorite mobile games out there currently, mainly because I'm addicted to endless runners and I love me some Pac-Man. Hipster Whale definitely knew what it was doing when creating the game, as it hardly leaves my screen every other time I'm laying with my phone in bed or sitting and waiting for something to happen.

So that's why it's pretty exciting to hear that Pac-Man 256 has been rated by the Taiwan Game Software Rating Regulations Board for a possible eventual release via PS4, Xbox One, and PC. While there are no additional details beyond a listing from an eagle-eyed Xbox One fan, it's still great news.

Check out the original trailer below for the mobile game below. If you're into Pac-Man and all of its fun little nuances when there are power-ups involved, you'll definitely find plenty here to enjoy.

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