New Overwatch digital comic targets vigilante Jesse McCree

Blizzard continues to promote in-game character backstories with extra content.


Blizzard has been going all out to promote its upcoming team shooter Overwatch. The goal is to give players an early glimpse at the backstories of the characters. We've met Winston, and  recently got more details on Widowmaker and Tracer. Now we are getting a look at vigilante Jesse McCree through a just released digital web comic, entitled Train Hopper.

The comic, created by Blizzard's Robert Brooks and illustrated by French comic artist Bengal, follows McCree as he takes a hypertrain to Houston. It would be a totally boring comic if nothing happened along the way, so let's just say there is some gunplay, witting dialogue and few passengers that don't make it to Houston.

If you aren't familiar with the character, McCree is a former bad guy gunslinger who chooses to work for Blackwatch instead of going to prison. He drops out of Overwatch when things go south for the program to be a gun for hire, but this time only taking on just causes. He carris a Peacekeeper pistol, uses stun grenades, and with his special ability, can shoot everyone is his line of vision just by taking a few extra seconds to aim.

Overwatch has had a few closed beta weekends, but should be hitting open beta in early May before its commercial release on May 24 for PC, Xbox One and PS4. And if you ARE playing the beta, be a good sport. Blizzard doesn't like whiny crybaby quitters.

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