Heroes of the Storm patched to 1.19, introduces Tracer and various fixes

Did you pre-purchase a digital edition of Overwatch? Tracer is ready to meet your acquaintance.


Overwatch looms closer. If you can't wait until next month to partner up with Tracer, take the new hero for a spin in Heroes of the Storm, which has been patched to versions 1.19.

"Tracer, Agent of Overwatch, is now available to players who pre-purchased a digital copy of Overwatch: Origins Edition via Battle.net," Blizzard announced in a Battle.net forum post detailing changes in version 1.19 of Heroes of the Storm.

As expected, Tracer's abilities in Heroes of the Storm should give you a good idea of how she'll play in Overwatch. She can fire basic shots while moving, dash a short distance via Blink, zip backwards in time three seconds by using Recall, and fires Force Bombs that inflict massive damage to enemies caught in the epicenter of the blast.

If you didn't pre-order Overwatch, you can get Tracer in Heroes of the Storm next week on Tuesday, April 26. In the meantime, get a glimpse of her in action in our new gameplay video.

Patch 1.19 introduces other changes to matchmaking, the UI in Draft Lobbies, and hotkeys for /Taunt and /Dance commands.

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