The Lion's Song is a new episodic adventure centered on creative ambition

Episode 1 will release in the second quarter of 2016 for PC. Android and iOS versions will follow at a later date.


Mi'pu'mi Games is gaining renown in the games industry. Like most startups, the developer started smaller, helping to develop tech for the Glacier Engine as well as various tools used for the new Hitman series. Ready to move up from supporting roles to taking center stage, Mi'pu'mi has announced The Lion's Sing, a point-and-click adventure game split into multiple episodes.

The Lion's Song started as a project submitted for Ludlum Dare, a game jam effort, in 2014, and grew into something more over time. "The Lion's Song is steeped in early 20th century history and focusses on a cast of Austrian artists and scientists with each episode taking a closer look at their intimate struggles with creativity and inspiration," according to the studio.

Each episode will be self-contained, so you shouldn't be left hanging at the end of an episode with no sign of the next installment on the horizon. However, the choices you make in each chunk of the story will carry over, and decide if your protagonists achieve their ambitious goals.

Those protagonists aren't your normal motley crew of heroes and vixens. One is a composer suffering a bout of writer's block before her first big concert. Another, a female mathematician, struggles to make a name for herself in the male-dominated field.

The Lion's Song will sing in the second quarter, when Episode 1 hits PC; Android and iOS versions will follow. Check out the announcement trailer for more details.

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