The Division servers going down on April 19 for scheduled maintenace

And don't forget that you'll probably be punished in the near future for exploiting the Falcon Lost glitch.


The Division’s servers will be going down for maintenance on April 19, Ubisoft has revealed today.

For those who are unfamiliar with the game’s weekly scheduled maintenance, you should expect servers to go down on April 19 at 3am ET / 12am PT with its downtime expected to take place for approximately 3 hours.

Last week’s server maintenance brought update 1.1, and with it the launch of its first Incursion, Falcon Lost. Falcon’s Lost release was met with controversy as players discovered a pretty easy exploit to easily complete it, which Ubisoft promises to punish those who used this exploit some time in the near future.

Late last week, Ubisoft implemented a hotfix for The Division which fixed several exploits players discovered in Falcon Lost, the Dark Zone, and the missing characters bug. For this week's scheduled maintenance, The Division players shouldn't expect any changes to the game.

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