Street Fighter 5's Guile DLC revealed for April release [Update]

Everyone's favorite American Airman will be joining Street Fighter 5 this month.


Guile will be joining the Street Fighter 5 roster as Capcom has prematurely shared new screenshots of everyone’s favorite American Airman prior to his official reveal.

Capcom uploaded screenshots of Guile on its Facebook page earlier today, but were quick to remove them considering he hasn’t officially been revealed as coming to Street Fighter 5 this month. Fortunately for us, the internet was quick to nab up these screenshots, which you can check out yourself above.

As you can see from the screenshots above, Guile’s flattop, Sonic Boom, and Flash Kick have all made their triumphant return in Street Fighter 5. The screenshots also confirm Guile’s stage from Street Fighter 2 has also made a return, along with his soldier buddies cheering him on as he battles in the foreground.

Capcom has yet to officially announce Guile, so we don’t have an exact release date for him. But what we do know is Street Fighter 5 fans should keep an eye out for him to release sometime this month.

[Update: Capcom has officially announced Guile as well as changes it's making in April's update.

First: here are Guile's moves:

V-Skill: Sonic Blade

Guile spins up sonic energy to create a Sonic Blade which acts as a stationary projectile that can also juice up his Sonic Booms. Sonic Blade can really help Guile pressure opponents on their wake-up or help him win projectile battles as it increases Sonic Boom durability!

V-Trigger: Solid Puncher

Guile powers up and tosses out continuous Sonic Booms! Each button throws a Sonic Boom at a different speed, so mixing up between buttons can create interesting Sonic Boom sequences. Depending on the sequence used, this can act as a great combo extender, be used to overwhelm opponents or easily push his opponents to the corner.

Critical Art: Sonic Hurricane

Guile’s most devastating attack, the Sonic Hurricane! Guile powers up and hits his opponent with a massive, multi-hit Sonic Boom. This Critical Art receives a damage and range boost while his V-Trigger is active.

Next, Capcom has announced the Air Force Base stage will be available in the Shop for 70,000FM, although Season Pass holders will receive it for free.

Lastly, Capcom will implement a new system that will punish rage quitters and will make a number of improvements to Street Fighter 5's matchmaking, allowing users to have an easier time creating and connecting to Battle Lounges.]

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