Amazing Katamari Damacy trademark filed by Bandai Namco

Filed in Europe, could this be a new game, or just a European release of an old one?


You really have to love how the internet works. If information is out there and available on a server, someone will find it. Such is the case of a new trademark filing from Bandai Namco for Amazing Katamari Damacy.

A filing with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (via NeoGAF) reveals the application was filed on April 11, and is for computer software (class 9), games and playthings (class 28),  and entertainment (class 41). Bandai Namco also acquired the domain name a few days earlier, although the site goes nowhere at the moment.

The series has been fairly stagnant after the success of the original for PS2 in 2004. The last game, Touch My Katamari, came out in 2011 for PlayStation Vita, although Tap My Katamari for mobile was announced in December and released in January in iOS and Android to mixed reviews.

What this could be is anyone's guess, from a European release of a previous Katamari game to all all new title for current gen consoles. Hopefully we will hear something official before E3.

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