Fear Effect sequel kicks off on Kickstarter

A sequel to the cult-classic PS1 game reunites all your favorite characters on PC... if, that is, developer Sushee Games can raise $114,106 by mid-May.


Fear Effect was published in 2000. One year later, developer Kronos Digital Entertainment and publisher Eidos released Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix, a prequel. That makes Fear Effect Sedna, a new Kickstarter project from developer Sushee Games and Code, the first sequel to the original game, and the first new Fear Effect title in 15 years.

Confused? Let us break it down for you.

Fear Effect was an action-adventure game for PlayStation 1 known for its mature character development, and unique cel-shading-meets-comic-books visual style, and gameplay that favored puzzle solving over gunplay. Despite Fear Effect 2 garnering high praise, Fear Effect: Inferno, a third entry slated for PS2 and shown at E3 2002, went missing and was reported as cancelled—a victim of Eidos' "stringent quality assurance program," per a report published by IGN in 2004.

On the game's Kickstarter page, devs from Sushee explain that they got the chance to start in on Fear Effect Sedna thanks to Square Enix's Collective indie platform. "Fear Effect Sedna expresses our vision of the game, updated for our times, while respecting the work of the original team and the special atmosphere that made Fear Effect great," the developer writes. "We’re working on keeping the best of the two previous games, but also making it our own by adding new ideas and contemporary design."

Not to worry: while plenty of new hands are crafting Fear Effect Sedna, the project reunites many of the developers who helped make the first two games success stories. Composer Matt Furniss, scribe/producer John Zuur Platten, and animator Ted Warnock are helping guide the project to fruition, so you can be sure Sedna will look and play like the genuine article, updated for modern systems.

In order to come to fruition, Sushee needs to raise $114,106 over the next 30 days. Chip in, and you'll help them deliver a story set four years after the events of the original Fear Effect, plus real-time tactical action, environments displayed in the game's classic isometric perspective, and a "deep and mature" story that explores the pasts of iconic characters Hana, Rain, Deke, and Glas.

"Fear Effect Sedna is being designed and developed to run on PC," the developer confirmed. "But if we have enough support, we're planning to port it to Playstation as well."

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