New Total War Warhammer footage shows off the Empire vs. Chaos Warriors

Creative Assembly unleashes an epic Warhammer battle on fans anxious for the next installment in the Total War series.


The release of Total War: Warhammer is fast approaching, so developer Creative Assembly has decided to drop another Let's Play video on us, this time pitting The Empire vs. The Chaos Warriors in one epic battle.

Narrated by community coordinator Joey Dalton and YouTuber DarrenTotalWar, the video takes viewers through a custom battle showcasing spells from the Lore of Light and Lore of Fire as the two armies, led by Emperor Karl Franz and  Archaeon the Everchosen respectively, clash on the plains of Norsca.  It is the first video that gives us a closer look at the bad-assery of the Chaos Warrior design. The massive army includes Chaos Marauders and Warriors, a Chaos Giant and Chaos Trolls, Chaos Hounds (in two varieties) and the Hellcannon, which appears to be decorated with flesh of some sort.

We have seen The Empire before in a campaign walkthough, so some of the units there are recognizable, but the scale of the ensuing battle inside the Total War engine in this almost 19-minute video really is impressive.

Total War: Warhammer is scheduled to be released for PC on May 24 and is available for pre-order through Steam for $59.99. A pre-order will get you the Chaos Warriors as a bonus, This battle, however, can be done even if players do not have the Chaos Warrior Race Pack. You just won't be able to play as the Chaos Warriors. If you don't pre-order, you will still be able to get the race pack as post-launch DLC.

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