Kim The Avenger Cow wants to create havoc among hillbillies

A new game from developer We The Force will create a bovine uprising, using milk as ammunition.


Some games are so ridiculous in premise that they end up being fun just for the hilarity. Take, for instance, a this new game from We The Force Studios called Kim The Avenger Cow. If the video is any indication, this game should be a riot.

The premise has Kim as a superhero for the bovines, who want freedom from mankind. She gets her powers through a freak accident and then goes on a rampage against hillbillies, government agents, and evil sheep, using her grade A milk gun as a weapon. If you don't believe me, check out the trailer below.

The platformer, which will be available for PS4 and PC through Steam, also has a bunch of puzzles that players will need to navigate while battling the enemies.

“At We The Force, we never take ourselves too seriously and we think this mentality allows us to create fun and engaging games that showcase everything we love about video games,” said Hector Amavizca, director on Kim. “With Kim we’re continuing this tradition and combining a lighthearted theme with robust gameplay that will both challenge players and make them laugh. After all, how can you not laugh when you’re playing as a cow that shoots milk from its specialized udder gun?”

The game looks udderly crazy, but I don't want to steer you wrong. That may sound like a lot of bull, as the game could be a cowtastraphe. But at last I get to milk these cow puns for all their worth. Glad to get that out of my system. Mooove along now.

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