Indie Hit Starbound Is Finally Releasing For Real After Four Years

It better be four years' worth of good, too.


Chucklefish Games' indie cult hit Starbound has been out in the wild via Steam Early Access ever since 2013. It's finally hurtling toward its official 1.0 release, or the full version of the procedurally generated space adventure. It's certainly been a long road for the game.

The PC title's Version 1.0 will unlock the complete Starbound story mode, with additional features as well: new dungeons, biomes, missions, and quests to complete. There's a post on the official developer blog that explains things more fully, but it's interesting to note there's not an actual release date for the game just yet. It'll be available soon, but no word yet exactly when.

Chucklefish Games has no doubt been hard at work, however, after recently publishing February's smash hit Stardew Valley. So with Starbound on its way out as a complete release and Stardew Valley still going strong, Chucklefish has plenty to be excited about in the coming months, as well as its fans.

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