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Hand of Fate 2 coming to PC, Mac, and Linux in Q1 2017

It has been some time since you last sat at the table. Let us begin again.


Hand of Fate 2 will release on Windows, Mac, and Linux in Q1 2017.

The sequel takes place 100 years after the events of the original game as players assume the role of a heroine setting out to defeat the original game’s protagonist, who has turned into a villainous tyrant. Players will need to once again overcome trials built from collectible cards handed out by the dealer, who has returned despite being defeated in the original game.

Third-person combat will once again play an important role in the game, although this time, players can fight alongside companions. Companions will support the player in combat, provide exclusive options during RPG portions and board game sections, and even have their own storylines.

The new cast of companions include Malaclypse, a mage who masquerades as a bard to hide from the Empire’s ban on magic. Malaclypse is able to use ranged attacks and shield spells in combat, and can offer rerolls during certain board game segments. More companions will hopefully be revealed in the coming months.

Players are going to need all of the help they can get as Hand of Fate 2 will introduce a number of new enemy types, which will once again be united by card suits. Two new card suits include the Steel and Blight suits, which will offer well-trained Imperial forces or corrupted, mutated men, respectively.

Pieces of equipment will also be upgraded as players will soon be able to use two-handed and even dual-wield weapons.

Hand of Fate 2 will require a bit more than just reaching the end of a deck to win. Players will need to conquer specific feats, such as surviving a 10 level descent or saving up 300 gold before advancing beyond a dungeon, in order to proceed. Combat objectives will also vary beyond defeating all enemies, like needing to defend a goblin from an endless wave of soldiers for 60 seconds.

“Hand of Fate demanded players prepare themselves for any possible outcome with each overturned card,” said Morgan Jaffit, director at Defiant Development. “With the new mechanics we’ve added into Hand of Fate 2, even players who mastered the first game will once again be challenged by the luck of the draw.”

Hand of Fate 2 is now available to add to your Steam wish list. There’s currently no word whether the game will be made available to additional platforms.

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