Kingdom Hearts Unchained X releasing in the US this week

Prepare to learn the origins of Kingdom Hearts later this week.


Kingdom Hearts Unchained X is releasing on iOS and Android devices in North America this week, Square Enix has announced.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X first made its debut during E3 2015, and today, we’re learning more about the upcoming free-to-play mobile game.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X will fall into the earliest part of the Kingdom Hearts series, taking place in the world of fairy tales during the era before the Keyblade War. In fact, the game will include many different keyblade wielders, the player being one of them.

One aspect Square Enix director of the Kingdom Hearts series Tetsuya Nomura believes will appeal most to fans is Unchained X’s sense of playing a live game. Players will be able to communicate, cooperate, and occasionally compete with others, giving the sense of a real world that’s moving around you, making this unique compared to other Kingdom Hearts games.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X will be released on iOS and Android devices on April 7.

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