Capcom to 'aggressively' release mobile titles based on IP

Mega Man and Monster Hunter will lead the charge onto mobile and tablet platforms.


Hey, remember Mega Man? Little guy, about 8-bits tall, made a huge comeback in 2008 with Mega Man 9 and then dropped off the radar in 2010 after Mega Man 10? Of course you do! And so does Capcom, which announced plans to dig the Blue Bomber out of his grave and freshen him up for new games. But not on consoles or PC. Oh, no. That would be too much to ask.

Earlier this month, Capcom reorganized its mobile operations under the Mobile Business Division umbrella. Declaring an intention to "produce hit titles both domestically and abroad," Capcom will mine its deep library of IPs and spin off popular characters to "grow its business in-step with the market and continue offering exciting content."

Capcom doesn't appear to be wasting any time. Per its press release, the publisher looks to release four games before March 31, 2017, and mentions Monster Hunter, Mega Man, and Sengoku BASARA, a series of action games rooted in real history from feudal Japan, explicitly.

What form will mobile incarnations of Mega Man and Capcom's host of other beloved characters take? That's the question, and it's too soon to get an answer. My gut says churning out ports of classic games, à la 2015's Mega Man Legacy, would be a bad idea. Some games work great on touchscreens. Others, like 2D platformers that demand precise control, just don't. I wouldn't mind games tailored to touchscreens, though—perhaps a new game baked in the mold of Mega Man Battle Network, Capcom's tactical RPG series on Game Boy Advance.

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