Overwatch's Tracer blinks into Heroes of the Storm in April

Don't blink or you'll miss Tracer's debut in Heroes of the Storm this month.


It appears Heroes of the Storm will finally be getting the Overwatch content we’ve been hearing so much about lately as Tracer will be heading into the Nexus later this month.

Blizzard has released a short teaser of Tracer in development, showing off some of her abilities in battle, her different outfits, and her Spectre Phantom Mount.

In addition to the short teaser, the company has also supplied us with her abilities, which you can check out below:

(Trait) (D) Reload

  • Tracer is able to execute Basic Attacks while in motion.  Activate to reload all Ammo over 0.75 seconds. This trait activates automatically when player ammo reaches 0. Basic Attacks consume Ammo and add pulse bomb charges.
  • You can attack 10 times over 1.25 seconds, draining Ammo with every shot. Reload sets your Ammo to full.

(Q) Blink

  • Quickly dash toward target location. Includes 3 charges.
  • 6 second cooldown per charge

(W) Melee

  • Deal damage to an enemy, prioritizing the nearest enemy Hero. Hitting non-Heroes grants 5 Pulse Bomb charges. Hitting
  • Heroes grants 10 Pulse Bomb charges.
  • 8 second cooldown

(E) Recall

  • Returns player to the position they were 3 seconds ago. Also refills Ammo and cleanses negative status effects.
  • Comes with 1 second of invulnerability while it casts
  • 24 second cooldown

(R) Pulse Bomb – Tracer’s only Heroic!

  • Attaches a bomb to the first target hit, dealing damage in an area, or 2x damage to the primary target.
  • Dealing damage charges this ability
  • Costs 100 charges to cast
  • Holds maximum of 100 charges
  • Pulse Bomb is available to cast from level 1. Instead of a second heroic, at level 10, Tracer can pick talents to modify

Pulse Bomb in the following ways:

  • [R1] Sticky Bomb: Increase the radius by 50%, and enemies hit are slowed by 60% for 3 seconds
  • [R1] Quantum Spike: Pulse Bomb no longer does damage in an area, but deals additional damage to a single target equal to 15% of their Maximum Health
  • [R1] Pulse Rounds: The range of Pulse Bomb is doubled, and Basic Attacks versus Heroes give 50% more charges to Pulse Bomb

Those interested in checking Tracer out can gain access to her starting April 19, as long as they pre-purchase the digital PC version of Overwatch: Origins Edition. Tracer will become available to all other Heroes of the Storm players starting on April 26.

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