SEGA to publish all future Atlus games in North America

Now that the aquisition of Atlus is complete, SEGA has announced it will be publishing all of the developer's titles in North America.


SEGA has completed its acquisition of Atlus and will now publish all of its games in North America from now on, SEGA announced today.

Even though SEGA will be publishing Atlus’ titles, both entities will proceed to be identified as individual brands for future games. This change is only being carried out as a way to “simplify business accounts” and to help unify the publishing arms of each brand.

"After nearly a year working under the Sega Games division, both Sega of America and Atlus USA have thrived and released a combined total of 23 game products," said Atlus CEO Naoto Hiraoka in a statement submitted to Shacknews. "Between Atlus's ability to localize and release Japanese video game products efficiently and the strength of Sega of America's reputation as a leading publisher in the industry, the situation could not be more symbiotic for both companies."

Atlus is currently developing Persona 5 for both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 and is expected to release in the US in 2016.

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