You Can Now Pick Up Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D For Steam

Get ready for some serious squadron-ing. 


One of the best Star Wars games of all time, Rogue Squadron 3D, has finally worked its way to Steam to the tune of $10. Sure, it's a blast from the past from 1998 and you've probably got more games than you can count that you still need to play, but you really should still pick this one up too and add it to your collection.

Originally released back in 1998 for both Windows and Nintendo 64, Rogue Squadron 3D was actually released via GOG last January, and it needed some help as far as getting situated on computers, as it faced a lot of errors. Now that it's come to Steam, hopefully it works a whole lot better than the GOG version.

If you plan on picking up the Steam version, make sure you keep us abreast of how well it actually works, especially in the departments where Steam controllers are concerned...and Xbox One controllers, too.

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