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All of Fallout 4 Automatron's New Armor Locations - Tesla Armor, Mechanist Set

Find all the new armor in Fallout 4’s new DLC.


While the new DLC isn't as big as we hoped it would be, Fallout 4's Commonwealth has definitely become a lot more dangerous. This guide will detail the locations of all the new armor pieces added to the Wasteland's armory in the new Automatron DLC pack.

Tesla Armor Set

This unique variation of the T-60 Power Armor features an open electrode current on bother the arm and chest pieces. It can be acquired by killing Ivey near the end of the Hagen Satellite Array dungeon area that is accessed during the “Headhunting” quest of the DLC’s storyline. She also happens to be carrying the Tesla Rifle, which is a heavy duty energy weapon that you’ll want to pick up along the way.

EyeBot Helmet

This helmet, which is themed after the Enclave’s eyebots, has no special features to speak of, however it can be upgraded to surpass the damage protection of the Combat Helmet. It can be found randomly on enemy Rust Devil raiders after level 15.

Mechanist Set

The crème de la crème of the DLC’s new armor sets, the Mechanist Set can be acquired from the Mechanist’s body at the end of the DLC’s storyline. It can also be acquired by completing the peaceful version of the quest.

Sentry Bot Helmet

This stylish helmet has the highest base damage protection of the DLC’s armor, and completely covers the Vault Dwellers face. It can be found after level 15 when the Rust Devil raiders begin spawning in the Commonwealth. It’s a random drop, so there is no guarantee how long it will take you to find it.

Robot Armor Set

This full armor set can be found off of random Rust Devil raiders, and might take a bit of grinding to find all the pieces. The full armor set consists of a chest piece, right leg, left leg, left arm, and right arm. It is a tier above the standard metal armor of the base game, and can be worn over other clothing items like the Vault Suit and military fatigues. It’s important to remember that the Rust Devil enemies only spawn after the player reaches level 15.

Assaultron Helmet

This robot-themed helmet is one of the most unique items added to the game. The curious thing about it is the fact that it responds to the character’s stance, with the visor appearing closed when you have your weapon ready, as if to signify that your character is ready for battle. It can be looted off of Rust Devils in Robot Armor only after the player reaches level 15.

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