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HTC Vive retail box comes with 16 different components

We're getting a headache just thinking about the setup process.


The HTC Vive is releasing next week, and while we’re aware setting it up will be a complete chore, we can see the amount of components that come included confirm VR is for the extremely patient.

When the HTC Vive releases next week, it’ll have 16 different components that will be needed in order to enjoy your VR experience. While there are some components that are absolutely necessary, like the headset itself and its controllers, we have a feeling many of you are going to completely misplace the smaller components, like its cleaning cloth or its manual.

If you already have your pre-order in for the HTC Vive and can’t wait to see what comes with your purchase, feel free to check out the images below in order to completely ruin the surprise of seeing 16 different components on launch day.

A – Base station x 2
B – Sync cable
C – Base station power adapter x2
D – Mounting kit
E – Link box
F – Link box mounting pad
G – Link box power adapter
H – HDMI cable
I – USB cable
J – Earbuds
K – Alternate face cushion (narrow)
L – Cleaning cloth
M – Documentation
N – Headset with 3-in-1 cable and audio cable
O – Controller (with lanyard) x 2
P – Micro USB charger x 2

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