Hearthstone getting new Paladin hero with WoW promotion

Uther says "well met!" to a fellow Paladin.


After a long hiatus, Hearthstone is finally introducing another hero to the line-up. 

According to the Hearthstone Blog, the latest patch adds a portrait for Lady Liadrin, an alternate portrait for the Paladin hero. She is the fourth such hero, after the initial round of alternates added Medivh (Mage), Magni (Warrior), and Alleria (Hunter).

Unlike those heroes, though, Liadrin is tied to a free promotion for World of Warcraft. You can unlock her by reaching level 20 in World of Warcraft, which can be done for free without obtaining a monthly subscription. But, she isn't awarded retroactively, so you'll need to grind anew to get her. That means if you put a little time in, you can get an alternate portrait without paying anything. This is a far cry from the other three heroes, which had a $10 price tag that led to some consternation among fans.

Before the reveal of the new Whispers of the Old Gods expansion, we talked with lead designer Ben Brode about the upcoming Standard and Wild formats, and asked about further alternate heroes. He said we would hear about them "in the not-too-distant future," and now we know just how not-too-distant it was.

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