The Division servers going down for maintenance today; could last three hours

Expect New York City to be a complete mess as Agents around the world are unable to clean up The Cleaners due to server downtime.


The servers for The Division will be going offline later on this evening or early tomorrow morning, depending on where your location, Ubisoft has announced.

The server downtime is part of a scheduled maintenance that will take place on Tuesday, March 15 starting at 9am CET / 4am EDT / 1am PDT, and is expected to be down for approximately three hours.

It appears Ubisoft is prepared to make this server maintenance a regular thing as it mentions it’s a part of a scheduled weekly maintenance. That means if you’re going to be playing The Division in the future, expect Tuesdays to be server maintenance day until further notice.

Tom Clancy’s The Division launched just last week, with its servers crumbling under the weight of all platforms accessing them at the same time. Thankfully, those server issues didn’t last long as Ubisoft was prepared for its launch thanks to its numerous betas. Since then, The Division’s servers have gone down for maintenance once, with someone probably tripping over the servers’ plug just prior to the start of its first weekend.

Considering how long the servers will be down for, you’re going to have a lot of time on your hands if you expected to play The Division during its maintenance period. If you’re itching for more of The Division, we highly recommend you check out our guides that we’re continually updating:

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