Killer Instinct Season 3 characters Mira and General RAAM leaked

Two new characters will soon enter the Killer Instinct arena in its upcoming third season.


We learned the third season of Killer Instinct will include both Tusk and Arbiter, but it appears some new combatants have been discovered: Mira and General RAAM.

There was an extensive preview of Killer Instinct Season 3 on Twitch last weekend which was just to show different matchups, mid-high level competitive KI play, and to showcase its new mechanics. The stream revealed two unannounced fighters would be entering the ring in Season 3, Mira and General RAAM.

Mira is considered to be a new arrival to the Killer Instinct series and is known as Maya’s deceased twin sister. The details surrounding Mira’s death is still unknown, although what we do know is she saved her sister’s life by sacrificing herself.

General RAAM should need no introduction to fans of the Gears of War series as he was the main antagonist in the original Gears of War. He’s yet another guest character to join Killer Instinct’s roster, which includes additional guest characters Rash from Battletoads and Halo’s Arbiter.

The leaks also confirm a new Shadow Lords mode, which appears to offer some kind of global warfare. We have a feeling this mode will offer a similar experience to Mortal Kombat X’s Faction Wars.

[Via NeoGAF]

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