Where to Find Black Stones in Black Desert Online

Upgrade your weapons and armor with Black Stones.


Black Desert Online is a massive game with a lot of intricate designs and complexities. But if you really want to make the most of your character and get them ready for end-game adventure, you’re going to need to start looking forward to Black Stones, which upgrade your weapons and armor. This guide will teach you some of the best places to find Black Stones, and what you’ll need to do to increase your chances of finding them.

Prepare Your Nodes

One of the most important aspects of grinding for Black Stones is having all the nodes around your favorite grinding area invested it. This upgrades the chance of loot drops, and can greatly affect how often enemies you kill drop weapon or armor Black Stones. We suggest investing at least the base Contribution Points, however, it also doesn’t hurt to invest enough energy to level the node’s loot drop chance up another level.

Get Lucky

Another important aspect of farming loot drops is your toon’s Luck stat. This stat can be increased by eating certain foods, gaining certain skills, or upgrading your armor with certain transfusion Black Stones. One of the easiest ways to upgrade your Luck right off the bat is to purchase underwear for your character in the Pearl shop. It will costs you around $10USD, but it’s definitely a purchase worth investing in.

Make Sure your Knowledge is Up to Standards

You may not think that little Knowledge rank you get when you first start killing enemies is important, but you’d be wrong. It’s actually the most important aspect of the loot grinding experience. If you happen to have a low knowledge of the mob that you’re trying to grind for loot, then head west to The Capital of Calpheon and visit the College Librarian Annolisa Rosie. Here you can forget the knowledge you’ve learned about certain enemies for 10 Energy. Once you’ve done that, head back to the mob location and grind them out using your toughest combos to increase your Knowledge Rank of that enemy. We’d suggest aiming for an A+, but a B will suffice enough to get the job done.

Choose a Grinding Spot

There are several mobs throughout the world of Black Desert that drop armor and weapon Black Stones when killed. We’ve listed them below, along with a map of their location so that you can find them easily in the game world. We’ve also included a minimum level requirement for each area due to the difficulty of the mobs.

Nagas – Level 21

Nagas are a great Blackstone source because they have a chance of dropping both armor and weapon Black Stones. They can be found all around the Glish Swamp area, and even drop Naga Feet, which can be sold to Kana in Glish for 50,000 Silver per 150.

Blood Monastery Cultists – Level 24

The Cultists of the Blood Monastery are a great mob to grind for armor Black Stones due to the monasteries high mob density. It’s a pretty popular grinding spot for leveling as well, so you might find yourself fighting for mobs with randos passing through the area.

Biraghi Den Bandits – Level 29

These high level bandits are a great resource for weapon Black Stones as they are high in density, and offer a lot of area to take on. Just pull them in using any AOE attacks you might have and go to town. The only thing to watch out for here are the giant mobs as they can easily knock you down, resulting in your death if you aren’t careful.

Red Orcs – Level 28

If you’re looking to take on some fun mobs and grind some armor Black Stones. The only real issue here is the lack of mob density, so we’d suggest grinding for Black Stones in more populated areas.

Delphe Knight Castle Harpies – Level 30

This area is amazing for Rangers, Wizards, and Witches to grind for armor Black Stones because it’s really easy to pull Harpies out of the sky using your AOE and ranged attacks. The area proves a bit tougher for Sorceresses and melee toons like Valkyries, but it’s still manageable in the end. The mob density is fairly high, and there are some good quests in the area that you can complete to work towards more Contribution Points.

Khuruto Caves – Level 30

This is one of those really well known and popular grinding spots. That can make it a bit hard to grind for long periods due to fighting for mobs, but at the end of the day the mob density here is just too good to pass up. The enemies often drop weapon Black Stones, and it’s just a great all around grinding area if you’re looking to edge up closer to the higher levels.

There are a few other areas where mobs drop Black Stones, but the mob density in those areas is so low that it’s not really worth farming for loot in those areas. The areas above are your best chance of finding a solid amount of Black Stone crystals to enhance your weapons and armor with. They  also happen to be great for grinding level experience, so if that’s what you’re looking for then just head to the areas once you’ve reached the level marked on them to find red to purple enemies that net you a fair amount of XP on each kill.

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