How to Upgrade your Filter Level In The Division

Learn how to upgrade your Filter Level and take on more dangerous contamination zones in The Division.


New York is a mess because of the virus, and several parts of the city have been blocked off altogether due to high concentrations of contamination. If you want to take on these highly contaminated zones you’re going to need to upgrade your mask’s Filter Level so you can breathe in all that contaminated air without getting sick. This guide will teach you how to upgrade your Filter Level.

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Get Medical Wing Supplies

The first step to getting your Filter Level upgraded is to go out and do missions that reward you with Medical Wing Supplies. You can complete the main story missions, which are marked on your map, or complete missions like Hostage Rescues and other little side missions to get some more Medical Wing Supplies.

Spend Those Medical Wing Supplies

Once you have some Medical Wing Supplies saved up, it’s time to hop into your Base of Operations and make your way to the Med Wing. Ignore the good doctor, she’s not the one you need to talk to for this, and make your way to the laptop that you use to bring the Medical Wing only. Open it up and locate the following upgrades:

  • Virus Lab
  • Hazmat Unit
  • Pharmacy

Once you upgrade those parts of the Medical Wing your Filter Level will go up and you’ll be able to enter more dangerous contamination areas. Like that Level 2 area behind the locked door in the Madison Gardens mission where you first meet Dr. Kandel.

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