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How to Get Lockpicks in The Division

Become a master lockpicker and get all the loot.


Tom Clancy’s: The Division has a lot of buildings and alleyways to explore, but what happens when you come across a locked door? Well, like any natural RPG, you’re going to have to pick the door’s lock. This guide will teach you how to open locked doors, as well as how to get more lockpicks so nothing ever stands in your way.

Getting More Lockpicks

The process of finding more lockpicks is an easy, yet frustrating one. At this point we haven’t discovered a way to craft or purchase them, so it looks like the only way that you can acquire new lockpicks is through looting. Because of this we suggest looting every loot bag that you can across, whether it’s a hiking pack with medkits, or a shiny suitcase sitting in someone’s apartment. Loot that baby and hope you get some lockpicks. We’re also not sure if enemies drop them or not, but until we have more proof we’d suggest blasting every NPC you find away just to be safe. You can also see how many lockpicks you have by opening your inventory.

Open Locked Doors

Once you have some lockpicks the process of opening those doors standing in your way is pretty simple. Just walk up to the door, it will tell you if you have enough lockpicks to open it, and then press the interact button. Boom, the door will open and you’ll be ready to loot whatever lies beyond. Just watch out, some of those areas contain high contamination levels, so you’ll want to make sure your mask filter is upgraded to a high level before going in.

Sadly there isn't any more science to the lockpick dilemma than to pray they drop for you. We wish you luck in your journeys, Agent. Now get back out there and make those rioters pay. 

Want to learn more? Let us teach you how to upgrade your Filter Level so you can take on more contamination areas.

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