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The Division - All Survival Guide Locations

Find every page of the New York Collapse survival guide to unlock the Meadow Jacket.


There are a lot of things to do and see in Tom Clancy’s: The Division. There are weapons to find, collectables to scour the streets for, and most important, cosmetic items to unlock and make your Agent look even more unique than he already does. This guide will teach you how to unlock the Meadow Jacket by finding each and every page of the New York Collapse survival guide.

How to Use This Guide

First and foremost, you’re here to find things, and we want to help you find things quick and easily. In order to simplify this guide we’ve included a short description of where to find each item, and then followed it up with an image of the item’s location on the map. You’ll also find another image for each collectable that showcases the exact area where you can find the item.

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Page 4

The fourth page of the Survival Guide can be found in Pennsylvania Avenue. Head to the area marked on our map, then make your way inside the office building nearby (look for a glowing door that you can open). Once inside head upstairs and look for the office’s Server Room, where you’ll find this page waiting inside.

Survival Guide Page 4 Map
Survival Guide Page 4 Map 2

Page 5

You can find the fifth page of the cryptically annotated Survival Guide near the fourth, in fact it should appear on your map when you’re exploring the area looking for Page 4. If it hasn’t, just take a look below and then head inside the nearby group of apartments to find this survival guide page in an apartments living room a few flights up the stairs.

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This guide is a work in progress and we will be updating it constantly as we find more collectables. Check back often for new locations and info.

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