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The Division - All Phone Recording Locations, Shoreline Jacket, Agent Diaries

Find and listen to all 130 Phone Recordings hidden throughout New York.


The Division is chock full of suprises and little things to help bring the game’s devastated world to life. Nothing hits the emotions harder than recordings of various callers as the timeline to New York’s chaotic future count down. This guide will detail each and every phone recording location. Ther are 130 of them to be located, however, so please stay with us as we update this guide daily.

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How Our Guide Works

We want to make sure there's no confusion on the subject here. In this guide we will describe what you need to do to find the collectable, and then afterwards we will provide screenshots of the items map location, as well as an image pinpointing its location in the world.

Instead of breaking each section up based on area we decided to include each area under it's category name from the Intel menu in the game. For example, if you're missing recording number 13 from the Week Two category, just look for the Week 2 subheader and then locate the exact recording that you are missing.

One Lucky Girl

This two-part series of recordings can be found pretty early on in The Division’s story.

Recording One - Competition

To find the first one you’ll want to head to the area we’ve marked on the map below, and then head locate the recording in the alleyway next to the building. Pick it up to claim it.

Lucky Girl #1 Phone Recording Map
Lucky Girl #1 Phone Recording Map 2

Recording Two - Winner

To find the second part of the Lucky Girl recording set you'll need to make your way to the corner of the large skyscraper between W. 33rd St. and 8th Ave. Once here look out for a fountain like structure and you should spot the phone recording laying on the ground in front of it.


Recording Two - Peace

To find the second recording of the Birds set, head to the northeastern edge of Pennsylvania Plaza to the corner of W 333rd St. and 7th Ave. From here look for a large alleyway between the buildings. You should spot a sign that reads 'Mollins' as you made your way down it. The Phone Recording can be found on the right-hand side a little ways down.

Week 2

Recording Three - Coffee

To find this Phone Recording you'll want to head to the entrance of Penn Station South, which is located along 7th Ave in the Garment District. Head down into the subway and make your way through the tunnel until you reach the loading platform. The recording is located next to a large pile of junk in the center platform.

Recording Six - Bees

This recording can be found in Time's Square, just outside the Autumn's Hope Safehouse on W. 49th St. It's fairly close to the nearby Fabric collection area, waiting on the ground in front of a set of two dumpsters set back to back. 

Recording Thirteen - It's a Test

To find this collectable you'll want to head up to Hell's Kitchen and make your way down W. 41st St. towards the Hudson River. Keep a look out on your right for a collection of baggage in front of two benches in the corner of a storefront. Move closer to find this recording laying in the snow. 


Recording Three - Phone Harassment 3

This collectable can be found in Pennsylvania Plaza in an alleyway around W. 26th St. You'll actually need to enter the alleyway from W. 29th St., but once you've located the entrance, it shouldn't be hard to find the recording further in. We had to fight a few Rioters in the area before we could grab the recording, so make sure you have plenty of ammo at your disposal before going in.

National Guard

National Guard 4

This phone recording can be found in the Kips Bay area, hidden along the civilian walkway above FDR Drive. Make your way to the area, then head up the walkway bridge to find this phone recording resting in the middle of one of the path's turning corner. 


Recording Seven - Dark Zone

This collectable can be found right after you finish the Hudson Refugee Camp mission. Make your way off the rooftop via the rope, and then climb over the nearby barricades to find this phone recording resting on the ground just inside a fence gate. Alternatively, if you aren't completing the mission at the time you want to collect it, simply make your way down W. 33rd St, just past Hudson Blvd. E. You'll come to a dead end of barricades and railing. Climb over it and look to your left to spot this collectable right inside the fence gate.

Recording Fifteen - Hospital Beds

The fifteenth recording left behind by the JTF can be found just north of W. 52nd St, just halfway between it and W. 53rd. Make your way down the alley halfway between the two streets to find this phone resting on the concrete in front of a large pile of garbage. 

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This guide is a work in progress and we will be updating it constantly as we find more collectables. Check back often for new locations and info.

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