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The Division servers were 'ready for launch', according to producer

Do you think they were ready?


The launch of Tom Clancy’s The Division has suffered from server issues as soon as the title was made available for everyone to play. During that time, a great majority of players received error messages saying the game’s servers were down, which is surprising considering The Division producer Tony Sturtzel told us they were ready for launch.

During a video interview with us, we asked Sturtzel to comment on The Division’s open beta launch on Xbox One, since it had a day head start compared to open beta on additional platforms. As a result of the open beta launch, Microsoft had problems keeping Xbox Live stable due to so many people accessing it. He responded by saying “as far as our infrastructure goes, we’ve been really, really pleased with the opportunity to test the servers and stress test the infrastructure, and it’s shown that we’re ready for launch in a couple of weeks.”

Considering The Division had server issues earlier this morning, which as of this writing appear to be stabilizing, we guess Sturtzel couldn’t predict the massive amount of traffic its servers would get as soon as the title went live. Let’s just hope Red Storm Entertainment can keep things stable through the evening hours and during the weekend, since that’s when most people are able take some time to play their games.

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