Disney Interactive and Wargaming will also skip E3 2016

The major publishers are dropping like flies, as Disney and Wargaming are the latest to announce that they will not be attending E3 this year.


A month ago, E3 2016 was sure looking like an exciting event. Then a funny series of events happened. First, Electronic Arts decided to skip the show and hold its own event. Then Activision decided to skip the show. Now two more major publishers are deciding to sit out this year and potentially beyond.

According to Venture Beat, both Disney Interactive and Wargaming have opted to skip this year's E3. For Disney, it is opting to hold direct fan engagements over the course of the summer, likely at events such as the increasingly popular D23 Expo. Wargaming was far more blunt with its reasoning, stating that the show does not make sense for its goals.

"From a company perspective, we're focusing a large majority of activities on events focused on our players and community," a Wargaming spokesperson told Venture Beat. "Whether it's a small group of players or hundreds at one of our player gatherings, they’re our main priority. From a strictly business perspective, E3 just doesn't fit our current direction. It’s a show that is very centralized on retail product, and as a free-to-play digital download gaming company, we've realized that while the show may be a good fit for lots of other publishers and developers, it's currently not a great fit for us."

E3's featured publishers are dropping like flies, though the big three console manufacturers will still have a major presence at the show. In fact, Sony will actually be taking the stage with Activision and Infinity Ward. But in terms of booth space, it may be a lot easier to walk around this year if you're attending the show.

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      Honestly, E3 doesn't make as much sense any more. It used to be the annual meeting place so that retailers to understand the games that are coming so they could make buying decisions. It was also an opportunity for the media to meet with devs. But, being able to share videos over the internet has really mitigated the need to spend so much money to send people to one location to crowd around overly noisy convention floors to do the same thing they can do over the internet. There's still need for the big press events. I'm not talking about that. And, those aren't going away. But, there's no need to setup the booth with massively expensive designs JUST for retailers and media. Media will write about games without flying to LA. Retailers can see all the trailers they need before having to make a buying decision. The show itself just isn't as necessary. Pax, and other events that have more focus on the consumer make more sense; which, again, is what Wargamming basically said.

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      Worst part? No yearly John Vignocchi interview on GB. :(

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