The Legend of Zelda's Link replaces Google Maps' Yellow Pegman

With Twilight Princess HD releasing today, Nintendo has teamed up with Google to replace the Yellow Pegman with a version of Link.


The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HD releases onto the Nintendo Wii U today, but if you’re a regular user of Google Maps, you may notice Link has found his way onto the service, replacing the well-known yellow Pegman.

Link will be available to give you a birds eye view of certain areas of Google Maps for a total of five days as Twilight Princess HD becomes available across various regions. And who knows if there are some mysterious dungeons to explore in Google Maps? We certainly don’t have the time to be draggin Link around all day, but we encourage you to do some searching and let us know what you find.

As of now, it appears Link only appears in the web version of Google Maps. Mobile users won't be able to explore their surroundings while dragging and dropping Link wherver they like.

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